We did it again! Nine top-notch international design schools followed
the invitation of ISPO and nominated candidates for the ISPO ACADEMY
masterclass. From February 2 – 6, 2017, 27 young designers from around
the world met in Munich to participate in the second round of this
exclusive training programme.

After the successful launch at ISPO Winter 2016 the Masterclass
is facing its second edition. Now as an official ISPO project
which is shown by the name ISPO ACADEMY Masterclass.
The initiators of the Masterclass Rolf Günther and Nora Kühner
are proud of this success. They are looking forward
to February 2017 to follow again the claim:
Masterclass / Designing the Future of Active Sports

Training Session February 2-6, 2017
Messe München



Together with an international team
of designers Nora Kühner develops for
PERFORMANCE DAYS an early color and
trend forecast focusing on the
world of sports. A perfect and
informative tool for the
product development process.

The diverse facets of the selected
color range are illustrated in 6 different
color stories with inspiring graphics and
pictures. A unique service is the
information about wash and light
fastnesses of each single color.


The colors for Winter 2018°19!

We made it! The first edition of the Masterclass was a true success.
21 young designers from all over the globe gathered in Munich to participate
in this unique workshop held at ISPO MUNICH on January 25-26, 2016.


download: Masterclass ISPO 2016 Summary (7 MB)

Some comments from the participants

Dear Nora,
We returned to Beijing safely, and we are very fond of this work camp. Hope to
organize more international exchanges, academic conferences, masterclass and
other projects.

Best regards
Director Major / Direction of Sportswear Design
School of Fashion
Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology / China


The concept of Masterclass is excellent! I visited ISPO also last year, but then I was
alone and it was not easy to get in touch with people from the industry. It was even a
bit scary. Masterclass gave me so much self-confidence and an opportunity to talk
with people with the same interest. I also got the feeling that the industry really
NEEDS new talent and that there will be work in the future.

Nora and Rolf, you’re the best! It wouldn’t have been the same without you, and I
hope you will have a chance to develop Masterclass even further and to organize it
many times!

Helena Grönblom, University of Lapland /Finland

Hi Nora,
Hope all is well and thank you so much for organising the Masterclass-
it was truly a privilege to be part of!

All the best,

Aleksandra Srndovic / London College of Fashion / UK

Dear Nora,
I still want to thank you for the great masterclass – it was a pleasure to meet you and
to take part in this unique experience at Ispo!

Annariina Ruokamo, University of Lapland / Finland

This Masterglass is an excellent idea. Clothing design education needs
workshops like this. The focus is so important and needs pioneers, who share
such detailed knowledge that teachers can´t ever give on lessons, because they
can´t work inthe industry at the same time when they are working as a teacher.

ISPO is the best place. Every speaker was an expert and spoke very
understandably – very good atmosphere.

Anu Kylmanen (teacher), University of Lapland / Finland

Masterclass was a unique opportunity, I wouldn´t want to miss it. I liked
very much to work with students from all around the world as well as getting
input from many designers and professionals from the sports sector.

Stefanie Matter, STF Swiss Textile College / Switzerland

Masterclass is a unique opportunity to get in comparison with young guys who
share the same dream and ambition. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn
more about the world of sports brands and to know the people associated with it.
A huge thank you to Nora and Rolf, the organizers of Masterclass!

Ludovico Rosazza, Città Studi Biella / Italy

There were many famous speakers in the Masterclass – they gave us a lot of
information about design and the sports sector. I could work with many classmates
coming from many different countries. I could learn a lot from them, the mood was
great and the cooperation between us was very efficient.

Chuan Tian, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology / China